CSR Policy

The Company’s policy aims to operate business which is beneficial to economics and society, adhere to maintain good citizenship, and comply with related laws and regulations completely. The Company shall be determined to develop, promote, and improve quality of life of the society and community in which the Company is located so as to achieve a better condition along with the Company’s growth.

The Company’s policy supports various activities which enhance occupational health and environmental quality, as well as maintain work environment in the condition that is safe for life and assets of employees at all times.

The Board of Directors devises the policy of disclosing financial information and other information relating to the Company’s businesses and operating results accurately, completely, sufficiently, constantly, and timely, and such information presents actual financial status and performance of the Company, including the Company’s business outlook.

The Board of Directors is determined to ensure compliance with laws, rules, and regulations in relation to the disclosure of information and transparency strictly, to disclose the information on the Company’s website in both Thai and English through media channels and publications of the Stock Exchange of Thailand so that shareholders and other concerned persons acknowledge the Company’s information thoroughly, and the revision and amendment shall be made in accordance with the guidelines announced by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Company has formed the Investor Relations team to take charge of communicating with investors or shareholders, as well as institutional investors and minority shareholders. The Company shall regularly hold the meeting for the analysis of operating results, as well as disclose the Company’s information, comprising financial information and general information, to shareholders, securities analysts, credit rating agencies, and related government authorities through various channels, namely, the report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Company’s website. In addition, the Company also concentrates on constantly disclosing information in both Thai and English so that shareholders regularly obtain the information via the Company’s website. The information on the website, i.e., vision, mission, financial statements, public relations news, Annual Report, the Company and senior management structure, shareholding structure, and major shareholders, shall be constantly revised to be always up-to-date.

In addition, the Company places emphasis on financial statements in order to present actual financial status and operating results of the Company based on accurate, complete, and sufficient accounting information according to generally accepted accounting principles. The Company shall disclose the information relating to each director, as well as roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Board committees of the Company in the Company’s Annual Report (Form 56-2) and the Annual Registration Statement (Form 56-1), while the remuneration of directors and senior management shall be also disclosed in the Annual Report (Form 56-2) and the Annual Registration Statement (Form 56-1).